Home Security – CCTV with JOOAN IP Cameras

A few notes on what I ran into setting up JOOAN CCTV IP cameras on Milestone XProtect.

So I was broken into by some scum of the earth person recently. They caused a fair bit of mess but didn’t actually take anything. I knew something was wrong before I even walked in as the Nest was showing 13 degrees in the living room! Another project I made was graphing the house temperature and this shows when they broke in! I will cover this in another post…

Some damage:

Naturally I turned to technology to offer some security.  I wanted to get some sort of ‘Smart’ Alarm and an IP CCTV system which I could back off to my home server.

I was already going to implement CCTV, just because I wanted to, but not on the scale I have done due to recent events. I opted for some cheap and (surprisingly) not so nasty JOOAN IP cameras, 703KRB-T-P . These are POE 720p cameras at a good price, see here for amazon deals.

They have a god awful interface which relies on some Active X plugin
. I used a windows XP VM to get them setup initially. Then once they were configured, it was over to the recording / analysis program.

One application came to mind immediately, ZoneMinder. I had played around with this before, and although difficult to setup, its really configurable. The issue is the amount of disk space it uses in continuous mode. I was going through 700GB every couple of days! There is a branch of ZoneMinder being developed which records in H264 rather than JPEG images, I still need to set this up and see how it runs. But I needed something that I could just install and rely on immediately.

Milestone – XProtect Essentials. Its free and offers everything that I wanted, motion detection with the option to do continuous recording. The free license gives you 8 cameras which is more than adequate for an average house?

After the initial setup, which seemed to take ages on 2016 Server VM, the cameras needed adding.

Here is a screenshot for this specific JOOAN camera. It took me a bit to get it working so I’ll spare someone the pain:

The main bit is getting the URI right:


I’ve got both cameras running now and disk usage has dropped right down. One more camera to go. Runs really well on the HP Microserver and its only a Celeron!

Next up, Alarms…

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